Uninterrupted communications and secure control

Why Fibre Optic?

When it comes to electronic security, maintaining connection to your systems is crucial. Even the most advanced security networks are vulnerable if there are weak links in the chain. At GuardCom, we are committed to delivering solutions that are free of any vulnerabilities. That’s why we rely on fibre optic cables, which are not only faster and more reliable than traditional cabling, but also provide unparalleled security for your site.

We're Commited To Your Security

Rest assured that with GuardCom, you can trust that your electronic security is in the most capable hands. Our experts take every measure to ensure that all aspects of your security network are optimised for maximum protection. By using fibre optic cables, we eliminate any weak links in the chain, providing you with a solution that is both robust and secure.

The benefits of Fibre optic


The same technology that allows fibre optics to transmit more data faster than a traditional cable also makes it more secure as they are much harder to intercept.

The light-based communication method employed in fibre optic is inherently more secure than traditional cabling.


Fibre optic cables have an effective range drastically farther than that of traditional cables allowing for larger areas to be covered reliable by the same network.

Fibre optic connections are reliable at ranges of up to 20km.